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Post  Glenn on Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:09 pm

1. Do not write like a jerk - Don't post with disturbing font sizes or write in all capitals.

2. Do not spam - Useless or stupid posts are spam.

3. Do not post adult content.

4. Harshly offending, threatening, or causing discomfort for another member is not acceptable.

5. Do not share any piracy content.

6. Admins/Mods must not misuse their powers.

7. Do not steal other people's work.

8. Do not go offtopic.

9. Do not post only to raise your post count.

10. Do not double-post unless something relevant is added. Simply edit your previous post.

11. Do not post in topics where the latest post is more than 7 days old. But if the topic is stickied, you may.

12. Please use proper, understandable grammar.

13. Do not put too much in your signature. If this rule is broken, we will send you a PM and expect you to reduce the size of your signature.

14. Do not post something directed to a special person in a topic. Use PMs instead.

15. Multi-accounting is not accepted.

16. Do not advertise.

17. Do not show disrespect to the staff. They are only here to help you.

18. Do not wear flashing avatars.

19. No PM "whoring" (PM people to make the see your thread, site etc.)

20. Posts must have at least 3 words.

21. Do not request help for/help people with illegal software.

22. Do not post links to websites with inappropriate content or anything that hijacks you browser(RICK ROLL) or computer.

If you violate any of these rules, you can get a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
Repeatedly violating the rules will result in a ban.

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